3 Situations When Need To Call Pest Control Experts

Are you struggling with pests in your home or business? If yes, it is time to call licensed pest exterminators who can help you in getting rid of the pesky pests. No matter, you are living in a home, cottage or an apartment, you can easily fall victim to an unwanted insect invasion. It is quite easy for ants and rodents to enter in your property through the wall holes and door gaps. Once they gain access inside the attic or basement, it becomes quite difficult to eliminate them.
Though there are many DIY measures that can eliminate ants or other insects, the effect of such products doesn’t last for longer. To ensure durable results, it is advised to call a pest control expert who holds years of expertise in dealing with pest species.

Some situations that point towards the need for calling a professional includes:

  1. Property damage: Rats and mice have sharp teeth that allow them to gnaw on objects, thereby causing damage to the structure as well as belongings. If you witness any teeth marks or damage to property made by pests, it is the right time to call pest controllers.
  2. Droppings and urine: Where there are insects, there is dropping and urine signs. If you notice any sort of insect droppings in your interiors, attic or basement, look for the pest species that has invaded your home. If you are unable to locate potential pests, call experts for an on-site inspection and treatment.
  3. Strong and foul odor: No matter, which pest infestation are you facing, you’ll be facing strong smell or foul odor, especially if there are rats or roaches. In some case, there might be a dead animal in the attic or basement which might have died with the effect of sprays or pesticides. If you suspect a foul odor, inspect your interiors and exteriors for signs of pest invasion.


These are some sure signs of pest infestation inside your home which needs to be eliminated with the assistance of pest controllers. If you are facing a rodent infestation in your home or office, call our experts at Waterloo Pest Control for effective insect control.

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