10 Easy Tips To Prevent Rat & Mice Infestation

Each of us might have faced a pest invasion in our home or office at least once in the lifetime. It is quite a distressing situation that not only causes discomfort but also risks the health of a family. Rats and mice, also known as rodents are one of the commonly found pests which usually invade a property in search of food and shelter. Due to their small size, they can enter a property through the tiniest wall hole or gap.

Moreover, rodents are carriers of several deadly diseases, such as plague, Salmonella, Hantavirus among others. If you notice a rat or mice moving in your home, take an immediate action or call a pest exterminator right away. Fortunately, there are some effective tips that can be followed to get rid of the pesky rat population. Few of them include:

  1. Install door mesh and sweep on the exterior doors and windows.
  2. Replace the damaged screen vents and openings of the chimneys.
  3. Seal the wall cracks and fill the holes on the outskirts of your home.
  4. Store food items in the airtight containers and dispose of the garbage.
  5. Keep the attic, basement and crawlspace clean, dry and ventilated.
  6. Replace the loose mortar and weather strip around the windows.
  7. Eliminate the moisture caused by leaking pipes and clogged drains.
  8. Clean your backyard frequently and store firewood away from home.
  9. Call a licensed pest control professional to inspect and treat the problem.
  10. Install a rat trap and use eco-friendly products for humane control.

Rodent control and prevention are one of the important things a homeowner must focus upon when it comes to maintaining the health and hygiene of a family. If you are looking for a pest control company in Waterloo for long-term rat control, feel free to contact our professionals at Waterloo Pest Control.

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